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Trading is one of our group core’s businesses. Leleader Group started as a small trading business with a big vision and this vision was to create a large and leading international trading company. The founder believed hard work would make this a reality and wanted to leave a legacy.

We have capitalized upon our strong global network of suppliers and buyers and large buying power to provide the best value and quality products for all our customers. Our customer approach is to understand their business challenges, work with them to define the tasks, explore a road plan, and perform an in-depth deliberation to arrive at a solution. We provide dedicated support and services to our customer, which had made us to stand tall in today’s competitive market.  The group’s trade covers a wide variety of fields, including machinery, medical devices, building materials, new energy, foods, and security from our own dedicated manufacturing facilities and strategic relationships with other foreign manufacturers to become a leading importer and distributor of these products to the wholesale institutional markets.

As the demands of our marketplace change, we are focused on continuing to provide quality products at the best possible price for our customers. With a strategy focusing on our core linen businesses, expanding product and service lines within these markets, and continuing to grow and innovate our manufacturing and distribution, we are confident that we will continue to meet the demands of our most valued asset, our customers.